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Biz Basics Consulting is ready and waiting to help you Bounce Back!                                           












Small businesses were particularly impacted by the “closing of America” in 2020. Many did not survive. For those businesses who managed to stay afloat we  are here to help you bring back your employees, recruit for new employees, and reboot for this new world of work.                                         


While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, there are some precautions all employers can take to help ensure employee and customer safety while complying with nondiscrimination laws, new leave entitlements, and other mandates.



                         About Us

We've been here before.

NYC bounced back from the Tragedy of 9/11/2001

we were there...

The country bounced 

from the Recession of 2008


we were there...

Now it's time to bounce back from COVID-19!

...and we are here to help...

Let us help you Bounce Back to Business!!

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